How do I talk to a stranger in public?

When it comes to the point talking with a stranger it might be hard at the start, but we all know that nothing is impossible if you have the power of will doing it. Keep on reading our post for learning more about talk to a stranger in public I will be talking about it today.

Where do I start talking with a stranger?

You can pretty much find strangers in any place you want as I said before you need to be confident about yourself on going into people and talking with strangers. You can go to the cafes, libraries, gym, school, campus, cinemas, around the pool and even you can start talk with a stranger on a plane that sitting next to you just by asking a simple question, how is your flight? Be confident believe in yourself if others can do you can also do it.

What to say first to a stranger

It really depends on the situation, maybe you start talking with a stranger in a bar you can simply start the conversation by asking that stranger, so are you having fun here? If you are at the café, you can simply ask a stranger and start the conversation by saying, I am thinking about drinking that one but I am not really sure if it tastes good what do you think about that one? If you are at the library, you can get a book and walk to a stranger and start the conversation by saying, hey I was wondering if you know any good book around here for me to start? As you can see there are a lot of possible ways to start your conversation with a stranger.

Get out there and start already!

Now only thing left here is you walking up there and be brave start from somewhere already don’t waste any more time. Thanks for reading the post for more stuff like this you can check our other posts and never miss those good content, hope to see you again have a good day.

talk to a stranger in public

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